Saturday, July 4, 2015

Finally Arrived

After 37+ hours of travel, I finally arrived to my new home of Ulaanbaatar, 
Enji & boys
Mongolia. Zorig, Enji (with red roses in hand), and Dad were all in the airport to collect me....just as soon as I wrestled my five 50-lb bags off the baggage claim belt and onto a cart. Yes--all 5 made it on time and in good shape (shout out to Dorothy for the gift of that fifth piece of luggage!). It was SO good to finally be here. I was nervous...but to have those three smiling faces so glad to see nervousness dissipated and I was just happy to be home. 

Though I've only just been here a day and a half...they have been JAM PACKED. The first night we went out to see the house Z has been building, meeting co-workers and friends along the way. That night we had dinner at 11 pm at Terrazza, owned by one of Z's friend's, and located in the Zaisan neighborhood of UB (home to a large segment of the Expat community here). The food was hearty and so nice to be drinking and celebrating together. 

The next day, my first full one here and ONLY yesterday, was packed full. Off to get pictures taken for the Immigration office, then to customs to collect a couple of boxes I shipped in early June. Z left me at the immigration office where I met up with the Admin Assistant from ASU to walk me through the "check in" process. After Immigration, we went to the District Hospital where they took my blood (HIV test) and xrays (check for TB). This took a number of hours, but was accomplished. Then it was time to meet the family. I will have to load a picture of that it is on Dad's camera. There were lots of smiles and laughs.

This is a picture of Dad and I just down from the apartment on a plaza like place that is for pedestrians only. Behind the Lipton sign is the State Department Store which is like a mall. It is also a major landmark in the city and where I will tell taxi drivers where to go when I need a ride home. Malls here are built UP and not OUT. The top floor of the SDS has the "Made in Mongolia" store--a place dad and I went last summer and I'm sure he'll visit again before he returns home. 

Today we head off to Moron in the north and a week of fishing and camping. It will be radio silence for a spell....but I'll be sure to check in when I return. 

Lots of thoughts and feelings and observations to share.....but it's all a swirl of newness yet. It's great to have dad here for the initial introduction to my new home; and of course, it's beyond lovely to be back together with Zorig after our 4+ months apart. See you all soon.

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