Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is in the Air!!

I'm blaming the arrival of warm weather and a consuming feeling of spring for my absence here on the blog. I have two other POSTS started, but don't have the time to invest the energy they require (fairly reflective and intense topics), SO I will simply check-in with you all with this fluffy, short post to say that I am well and thriving in Mongolia. 

The cold of winter was never as bad as I imagined. The pollution was never as bad as I envisioned. That's not to say it wasn't cold or polluted at times, but when you have a picture of the WORST IMAGINABLE and reality falls short, well, I guess I'd say I'm glad my imagination is so effective. I had to wear layers and sometimes my face mask. But all in all, I think I have acclimatized to Mongolia. was 45 this past weekend and I was HOT! I dropped down from a down coat to a fleece jacket, and then from a fleece jacket to a fleece vest (wearing a thin, long-sleeved sweater as my primary layer). Spring has sprung!!

Me, Zorig, & Kantodeia on the Square

This past weekend was my good friend Kantodeia's birthday celebration. We began with dinner at Le Triskell, followed by Karaoke, and then some peeps even went on for dancing. Zorig and I left after a couple hours of karaoke. It was lovely to be out at night and NOT wrapped up in long-johns and layer upon layer of warmth. A scarf and coat were all that the night time air required. 

Now for a confession of sorts. I have become a girl that drinks "jug beer." To the left you will see a jug--2.5 liters of 5.5% alcohol beer. The name means "falls" as in waterfalls, or perhaps it might be better translated to rapids. 2.5 liters is about 84 ounces or five 16 ounce beers. And according to this website, this beer would be comparable to Bud Ice, Icehouse, or Samuel Adams Pale Ale. I can't say I'd have opted to drink any of those by choice while I lived in the U.S. Well, at least not after my teens or early 20s. :) 

But in this new place and time, I find drinking a jug (or two) of beer with my husband is a most enjoyable pastime. Talking, sharing information and stories, drinking and toasting to love and good health--yes, I enjoy these moments with my husband. Another upside, this 2.5 liter jug of beer costs less than $6. Oh...and the handle is most convenient!

Hope to be back with you again soon. 

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