Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Fountain Valley,

Cheers to you, FVS!
Dear Fountain Valley, 

Last night was our Close of the School Year dinner. Though the evening was cool, the weather gods allowed us an evening with no rain and the sun did shine out and around the clouds that make your prairie landscape so beautiful and inspiring. 

This was my third, and final, closing dinner and it was strange. I wasn't sure whom to talk with or where to sit. I knew I would be called forward by your Head of School, after being recognized for my contributions and wished well on my future endeavors. I opted to say a few words, but not everything I wanted to I am going to say it to you here. 

I slipped out of the event around 10 PM, quietly. I couldn't put a finger on my emotions. I felt out-of-sorts.....uneasy. As I drove off campus and home to my emptying apartment (just 2 more nights in her), I reflected on my time with you--Fountain Valley School of Colorado. 

When I arrived three summers ago, I thought I would retire from you.  That I would travel far and wide on your Interim program. That I would be invited to a senior's dinner someday. That I would get a coffee shop space installed in the Hawley Library. That I would perhaps someday live on your campus. That I would someday get a 20-year rocking chair with my name on it. 

But alas, the universe has other plans in store for me. I wouldn't trade them in or relinquish them for anything; however, I do acknowledge that I am sad. I am a bit melancholy to be leaving you behind in my rearview mirror. And, the morning after our last supper together, I sit here and hold both joy at having known you and sadness for having to leave you. 

While I know I did a number of things that I'm proud of in my three brief years under your employment, there were more plans ahead. I may have short-changed you, and the community, and I apologize for that. I know that my successor will continue where I left off--perhaps doing what I had planned, perhaps doing something altogether different. But either way, I know you are in good hands and will evolve into what the students, faculty, and greater community need. 

Over the roof of the Hacienda

I want to thank you for allowing me to work my "dream job" these past three years. I still lose my breath when I drive onto your landscape. The prairie is stunning....... peaceful..... and I am always calmed by your presence. You will always be the Narnia that I got to live and breathe and know.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the values you shared with me: Open-mindedness, Courage, Curiosity, Self-Reliance, and Compassion. While I think I had some element of these before I arrived through your doors, they have each been stretched, strengthened, or developed over these past three years. Because of you, I am stepping boldly into my future with confidence that I can do what I desire, and that even when I falter....I know I will be okay. I know that if we hit one of life's speed bumps a little too fast, the damage is repairable and one can either get back on course, or choose a new path. Thanks for being a beacon to everyone that knows and loves you. 

And thank you for being a place that brings together great people--motivated and giving students, passionate and encouraging faculty, and devoted staff. You are a gem in the world, FVS, and I was glad to have had the opportunity to hold you in my life for a spell. And now, forever in my heart as a memory. 

Bayartai ba sain yavaarai,
(Goodbye and safe journey)


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