Sunday, August 9, 2015

Joining the Club!

AWC Members: Melanie, Tricia, me, & Michelle
 I'm the newest member of a little club here in Mongolia--the American Wives Club. These women are trailblazers and have already helped me to feel at home in my new land. 

We have a unique I haven't experienced since I left the Army National Guard in 2003....and one I never expected to find in the civilian world. Granted, I'm only in the early stages of getting to know these fellow brave women--but upon first impressions I can say they are honest, candid, and compassionate. It's comforting to have others here that wear an American lens and to whom I can fully relate. While we certainly love our men, we also "get each other" in ways that Mongolians will never get us. That's the nature of being raised in another place, culture, and country. While we hail from different states--CA, CO, LA, and VA--we are Americans with a common background. 

We have a private group page on Facebook and interact most days. We've gotten together twice for lunch and message or text. Melanie helped me purchase and coordinate delivery of my new bookcase, and Michelle has been schooling me on the marriage application process. All three of them are helpful in learning locations (where is the library?) and where to find stuff (furniture, cotton balls, mattress pads, the best coffee shop in town, restaurants). 

Yes, it's good to be a part of this small, but growing, club. I look forward to developing these new friendships and expanding my life and networks here. As they say, friends are the family you choose along the road of life. I'm glad to know each of you.....and to add you to my new family. :)  

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