Saturday, March 14, 2015


Today I embark on my third and final Interim trip with Fountain Valley School freshmen. We return to Bent's Old Fort for a second time. You can see pictures from last year on my Flickr photostream. It's a unique opportunity to sleep on ground that was walked by a host of historic figures: Kit Carson, William and Charles Bent, and Uncle Dick Wooten to name just a few. 
2014 Interim group

It's seven days and six nights with a co-leader (my good bud Kathe!) and 11 exceptional young adults who are up for whatever life offers. 

The downside? In addition to being 6K miles from Zorig, I will spend about 3-4 days "off the grid" with no contact. 

This also means that the blog will be "silent" for about a week. See you when I return.

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