Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moving up the Reality Scale

Morning Hike in Red Rock Canyon
I got word this weekend that a container shipment to Mongolia departs on April 5th. The message arrived from Zorig while I was hiking in Red Rock Canyon Open Space with my cousin, Roz. First I was excited. This gives me a deadline, a goal to work towards. And those that know me....know I am a planner, an organizer, a type A personality. Though I've been sorting and packing since Z left me on Feb 10th, it was with a lack of definitive purpose. The call could come in March, or April, or May....I really didn't know. So I meandered towards some deadline out on the horizon somewhere, but could not clearly see it. 

As we paused to sit and take in the the breezy Colorado morning, I repeated to myself aloud, "April 5th!" And the reality settled in. This is IT...my one chance to ship stuff at a reasonable rate. It's time to quit packing at a leisurely pace and to GET IT DONE. I move out of this apartment in 68 days and leave for UB in 98. While I still have days where my departure seems too far away...that my reunion with Zorig is not coming nearly quickly enough.....this update makes the move that much more REAL. It's one of the many steps ahead of me that will move me up on the reality scale. 

Don't misunderstand me, I have no second-guesses, no doubts about this move. No misgivings about what I feel or what I want. But stepping through the actions necessary to get to my new life in Mongolia with Zorig and Enji is still a new and unknown path. It does not feel familiar, is not like moves I've made in the past. It's a new frontier. It's easy to say..."I'm moving to Mongolia!"....but something entirely different to GET IT DONE. 

The next good news is that I am on Spring Break until March 31. My company departed today (Thanks for the GREAT TIME together, Roz!) and I will now get down to business--packing, carting it to Denver, making payment for my life to be transported across the Pacific and to UB where Zorig will receive it. It will travel for 45-60 days, arriving before I do. Yes, it is time to GET IT DONE. 

I'll be seeing you soon....with more details about this new stage of my adventure. Thanks for reading.

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