Sunday, March 8, 2015

New purchases for the Journey ahead

Down Jacket
I confess that I'm having a bit of a spending problem these days. While I certainly know I can purchase goods in UB, winter is wrapping up around here and it seems like a good time to invest in winter gear as well as those essentials I'm confident I'll need in my new life and surroundings. 

From simple things like thermal underwear and turtlenecks to an 800-fill Down Jacket (right), all of which I will need to get me through the often brutal winters in Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar is THE coldest capital city in the world. The average daily temp is -13 Celsius (which is 8 degrees Fahrenheit), but it can be -40 at night (which is the same no matter which scale you use!). 

Mongolia is a stunningly beautiful country and is blessed with four seasons which I have enjoyed all my life--from Michigan to Pennsylvania to Idaho to Colorado. Now I will experience those seasons on a different continent. In case you are thinking you'd like to visit us (we'd LOVE to have you!), read more about their seasons here. Of course summer is the most delightful!
To get me there

Additionally, since Zorig left with my red Large North Face Camp Duffel (which had been purchased specifically for Dad and I's trip to Mongolia--it seemed fitting to send it on home), I needed to replace it and let's get real, I will be checking at least one extra bag when I get on that plane this summer (two pieces are included for international travel). I'll take my one large ordinary suitcase and these two new duffels. They are sturdy and waterproof and perfect for the work and adventures we'll be having down the road. 

Watching Z stock up on supplies for work and for fun probably motivated me somewhat for this pre-move shopping spree. But considering I don't plan to make it back to the US until the end of 2016, I think it wise to prepare and plan ahead. 

For riding
Then of course, since Zorig has been kind enough to purchase me my own saddle (really!!), it was imperative to get a new pair of Ariat lace-up ropers (I wore my last pair out a few years back) for the time we'll be spending on horseback covering the steppe and mountains, and perhaps doing a little hunting along the way. I'll spend a little time breaking these in now so that they will be ready for action come summer and fall. 

Yes, I have been busy with the shopping amidst the continued sorting and packing. I'm waiting for the day when I get the call to take my prepared boxes and crates to Denver from where they will be gathered together with the boxes of others to be piled into a large shipping container (conex), sent to Los Angeles, loaded on a ship, and then will spend 45-60 days en route to Mongolia--my new home. I've never been a fan of the packing up....but have always loved the unpacking process in a new space. 

Oh yeah....and one more very important item--the dress I will wear for arrival back into the Chinggis Khaan International Airport, a place I departed on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014, with no intention of ever returning. 

A word of advice....or perhaps a powerful suggestion: Keep an eye out for those U-turns in life......or find that clear path between the crush of traffic to take an unexpected exit ramp......they can be the most shocking and wonderful things you encounter in your life.  

P.S. And no...there will be no picture of the dress. At least not until it touches ground in Mongolia!

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