Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A bigger word for Surreal?

I have moved a number of times throughout my life. But this one takes the cake. It feels strangely as though I am entering a Star Trek episode. One week from today I will board a plane and 33 hours later I will arrive to my new home city of Ulaanbaatar. While I will take four or five large suitcases, I will travel those 33 hours with my carry-on and a personal item. Then I will be in our apartment where there will be 15 boxes of my life (12 shipped by container, 3 by air). And the new life commences. I am being plucked from one culture, country, way-of-life and dropped down into a wholly different culture, country, and way-of-life. There is no way to ease into this change, no transition to be had. It is all or nothing. And therein lies the state of my emotions/feelings. It is beyond or bigger-than surreal. There is only one synonym listed for "surreal" at hypnagogic. And that is no good since the definition is "inducing drowsiness." So surreal is all I have, the only word for this time in my life.

As the hours tick by, my excitement builds. February 10th--Zorig's departure from the USA--seems a faint memory. Soon we turn the page and begin a fresh new chapter and I can't wait to fill its pages.

These days everyone wants to know how the packing is going. Well, take a look at this picture and you tell me. Ha! I shuffle and move stuff around to get the heavy items distributed evenly so that every suitcase is under the 50 lb limit, but packed full. I am on and off the scale numerous times and a small pile for Goodwill grows bit by bit. Some things just can't make the cut. My suitcase count has grown from 3 to 5. But that is the LIMIT. No more. 

I told Zorig to be sure and bring a vehicle big enough for my luggage. His reply was, "maybe a bus?" Which made me burst out in laughter. This man has an exceptional sense of humor and a playful heart. 

I am continually moved by his spontaneous communications. He notices the little things, remembers previous conversations, and doesn't hesitate to ask questions or say what he thinks. Nothing is filtered out or avoided or disregarded. Everything is in clear view--honesty at the core of everything we say to one another. And I have learned to hold nothing back. I push through any doubts or insecurities. And that vulnerability provides phenomenal returns. Our understanding of one another deepens through each and every communication and connection. Though we are together and share a future life plan together, we are continually in pursuit and discovery of one another. This is a beautiful experience.

175 hours to lift off!