Thursday, June 4, 2015

The In Between Space

Picture taken on my early morning walk
I'm out of the apartment and into my friend's home. This is the In Between Space. I'm not in UB, but no longer in a place that is mine. I feel strangely as if I am on retreat. So much of the work I've been busy doing (getting paperwork, checking off medical checks and vaccinations, shipping stuff, winnowing down my belongings), is DONE. I can go to bed when I am tired, and rise when I awake. This morning I was out and walking in the cool, clean air at 5:30 am--simply because it felt right.  I eat when I am hungry and work on my conference tasks when I need and want to. I am at my leisure this month, in most ways. It is a month of last times and certain goodbyes. With no family in Colorado, I don't know if or when I may return. Therefore, I relish the now moments I'm creating with friends this month. I capture them in my journal and my memory to reflect on down the road. 

In other good news, all 12 of my boxes that were shipped by container have arrived safe and sound into Ulaanbaatar. Here they sit in our apartment--ready and waiting for me to arrive, unpack, and put them away (I love moving into a new place). Z got into the two boxes which included items from his visit over the holidays, but otherwise he leaves them sealed and waiting for me. :)

While I didn't necessarily doubt that they would arrive to UB, I did question whether one or two might end up damaged or destroyed. Eight of them were rubbermaid containers, but the other four were cardboard boxes and not as sturdy. And they are heavy! But as you can see, nothing is crushed or noticeably damaged. A couple of them do have framed photos and ceramic mugs (the wolf coffee mugs which my sister Fawn gave me when I moved into my first apartment in Boise, ID).....I don't yet know if my packing job sustained them. But I will soon find out. 

Twelve boxes by container shipment which took 7 weeks to get to UB from Denver, Colorado. Three boxes shipped by air. Plus the three or four suitcases I will take with me when I depart. That is the sum of things which are my physical belongings in life now. Compared to many, my load is light and it feels good to be so free from stuff. And yet, I am rich and heavy in love and adventure and opportunity and inspiration. The horizon beckons to me and in less than four weeks I will meet her in Asia. 

And there I will say "hello" to Zorig in the airport where I said "goodbye" not yet one year ago. These are extraordinary times.....for sure. 

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