Friday, June 19, 2015

Last Meals

Ladies Luncheon in Monument
As I wrap up my final month in the United States of America, my days have become a smattering of "last meals" with friends and colleagues. I'll need to get to Mongolia so that I can go on a diet! But alas.....I know it will be a slew of "first meals" with new family and friends after I arrive. This is reality. Oh....the memories I am making. 

Officially, I would say the first of my "last meals" was with Laurel whom I met while in the Army National Guard. She and I had a four hour drink and eat fest at the Golden Bee at the end of May. I wrote about her back in May, in this post. Then it was a Ladies Luncheon in Monument at my friend Annamarie's home. She and I met in the summer of 2009 while doing the Southern Colorado Writing Project. Since then, I've had my last Mexican meal with my friend Dorothy (after which we went to the movies and saw Mad Max!). I've had my last corned beef hash breakfast with dear Gloria up in Woodland Park at the Hungry Bear (our half-way meeting place over the years). I've enjoyed an afternoon at Shuga's drinking beet-infused vodka; and ate my last "best burger in the city" at Denver's City Grille with Elaine (after our final visit to the lovely Tattered Cover Book Store-both of which are on Colfax Avenue). I've enjoyed Italian with my friend and co-worker David where I learned about the stomachs of cattle (nice to learn as I'm moving to a country that has just 3M people and 45M livestock!). I've enjoyed a calamari appetizer and nice bottle of wine with Jen at the Blue Star. 
At the Tattered Cover

I've enjoyed "last meals" at friends' homes. Homemade lamb and orzo stew with Vydia and Anita. Potluck dinner and wine tasting at Lorrie and Ty's. Wine and takeout Chinese with Julie. I took myself to Einstein Bros for a bagel and cream cheese (something I rarely eat these days). Then lunch with an advisee and her mother at Panino's (a local chain). This week I am busy running a conference at FVS (and enjoying my last opportunity to eat the incredible meals provided for us by Flik Dining Services on campus). 

But still on my hit list....IF I can squeeze them in:

  • the Elephant Bar for their AMAZING creme brulee;
  • Shuga's one last time....for wine and their Almond Butter Cake which is lovely;
  • Burger and Fries at Red Robin (I can't explain it....but I predict that I will miss a good burger and fries the most. This makes no MEAT is one of the two primary food groups in Mongolia. Dairy being the other. Soon...I might be eating a horse burger!!);
  • Fried Ice Cream at Jose Muldoon's.
Okay...I have to stop there. I have NO idea why most everything is a dessert. I do not have a huge sweet tooth. Perhaps they are simply treats.....special occasion meals. I really don't know. I just worked 15 hours today. I'm exhausted. Time to sleep. 

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